Wolf Puppy Photography Workshop
Jul 16

Wolf Puppy Photography Workshop

  • Wildlife Science Center

Led by Photographer Jenni Bidner

100% of Tuition Donated
to the Wildlife Science Center!

Join us in this rare opportunity to photograph wolf puppies at the Wildlife Science Center (WSC) in Stacy Minnesota. The WSC is hosting a guided tour that will give participants unprecedented access to their wolf puppies!

What makes this opportunity unique is that you will be guided inside an extra-large enclosure and allowed to photograph wolf puppies, ages 9 -13 weeks old. This is the last year of a long-term study on wolf puppies, and it resulted in over a dozen puppies being handraised by the Center. NO puppies are currently planned for the next several years, so this may be your last chance for a long time.

Emphasis will be on maximizing shooting time and photo opportunities. A basic understanding of your camera and wildlife shooting techniques is assumed. Both advanced and beginning photographers are welcome. Award-winning photographer/author Jenni Bidner will lead the tour and help you achieve the best
photographs possible. WSC Director Peg Callahan will be available to narrate canine behavior and help predict where the “action” will be.

Because these are wild animals, you will not be allowed to approach the puppies. However, they tend to be curious and playful, so if they approach you (which is highly likely) you will be allowed to interact with them. Thus it is not surprising that you will get terrific photos with normal to moderate telephoto lenses, and even wide angle lenses and cell phones should the pups decide to play near you.

Only 4 Sessions Offered
Choose between morning and afternoon shooting sessions on Saturday, July 15 and Sunday, July 16, 2017. The July 15th morning session is now sold out! You may sign up for multiple sessions. Each session will begin with a safety orientation and photographic techniques discussion, followed by about 2.5 hours in the pen.

The goal is to have morning sessions feature the younger pups (9 to 11 weeks), and afternoon sessions to feature the older ones (11 to 13 weeks). The month difference in age should yield very different photo opportunities because of the different look and behavior characteristics of those ages. Every effort will be made to provide a feeding session, encourage howls and promote play. The pen has been landscaped for good photo opportunities, including water.

Instructor Jenni Bidner is volunteering her time and expenses so 100% of your tuition will go toward the operating expenses of the not-for-profit Wildlife Science Center, helping them to continue to care for these beautiful animals. The price for this wolf puppy photo shoot is $395 per session, or $750 for a full day that includes both sessions (use promo code PUPPHOTO2017 at checkout). To insure a tailored and unique experience, class size will be limited to 8. Participants must be 18 years of age, unless they get permission from the WSC prior to registering.

Morning Session (Younger Pups):
8:00am– 8:30am: Safety & Technique Lecture
8:45am– 11:15am: Out with the Wolves!

Afternoon Session (Older Pups):
3:45pm– 4:15pm: Safety & Technique Lecture
4:30pm – 7:00pm: Out with the Wolves!

Learn more by downloading the official event flyer HERE.