Eastern Screech Owl

DescriptionScreech owls occur in several color variations from rufous (red/rust) to brown to gray. They have the classic owl shape with the large head, facial discs and hooked beak. Their eyes are yellow. They are also recognizable because of their white “eye brows”.
Geographic RangeWide ranging North American bird found throughout the United States and Central Mexico.
LengthHead/ body length is 8-9 inches, and the wingspan is 20-22 in.
Weight: Adult weight is 3 to 4 ounces.
Habitat: Open woods and wood lots, field edges, orchards, farms, along streams and in towns and suburbs.
Typical Diet: Insects (particularly beetles), small mammals, birds, and worms. They may also hunt fish, amphibians and small reptiles.
Similar Species: The Otus genus is comprised of approximately 35 – 40 species.
VoiceThe most widely recognized call is a quavering whistle that goes down the scale.
Other Facts:
-cavity nesters utilizing natural tree cavities and also abandoned woodpecker nests
-eggs (3-4) may be laid in early to mid-March
-incubation period is about 26 days
-elliptical 1.4 inch eggs
-smallest eastern owl with ear tufts