Publications by Peggy Callahan

(partial list)

Efficacy, Safety and Reversibility of a Bisdiamine as a Male-Directed Oral Contraceptive in Gray Wolves (Canis lupus) ASA-Bisdiamine

GnRH-agonist induction of fertile estrus with either natural mating or artificial insemination, followed by birth of pups in gray wolves  ASA-GnRH

Relationship of inbreeding with sperm quality and reproductive success in Mexican gray wolves.  ASA-MexWolf

Electrocardiographic consequences of a peripatetic lifestyle in gray wolves

Recovering wolf populations-Conservation Biology GEHRIG-Recovering

The use of xylazine sedation with yohimbine antagonism in the management of captive grey wolves  KREEGER-Xylazine

Cardiovascular and behavioral responses of grey wolves to ketamine-xylazine immobilization and antagonism by yohimbine  KREEGER-Cardiovascular

Physiological response of grey wolves to butorphanol-xylazine immobilization and antagonism by naloxone and yohimbine  KREEGER-Butorphanal

Physiological and behavioral responses of grey wolves to immobilization with tiletamine and zolazepam KREEGER-Physiological

Diazepam-induced feeding in grey wolves  KREEGER-Diazepam

Activity patterns of gray wolves housed in small vs. large enclosures  KREEGER-Activity

Physiological Responses of Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) to Surgery  KREEGER-Fox

Non-lethal Techniques for Managing Predation: Primary and Secondary Repellents  SHIVAK-Non-Lethal

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Co-instructor for Annual Wildlife Handling with Veterinary Perspectives Class for field biologists, captive managers