Description: Unspotted cat with a long tail, black tipped/most widely distributed cat in the Americas/solitary, strongly territorial hunters
Geographic Range: Western North America to California and Texas
Status: cougar has declined or become extinct in much of the area it once thrived
Length: 5-8ft.
Height: 2.0 to 2.7 ft tall at the shoulders
Weight: 75-275 lbs 
Habitat: adaptability to virtually every habitat type: it is found in all forest types as well as in lowland and mountainous deserts
Typical Diet: feed on large mammals, preferring deer, but will also eat coyote, porcupine, beaver, mice, marmots, hares, raccoons, birds and grasshoppers
Similar Species: jaguar
Special Notes:
-may be active in the day
-good climbers and jumpers
-swim only when necessary
-male may travel up to 25 miles a night to get its prey
-no fixed mating season
-1 to 6 kittens are usually born in midsummer
-born in a den, rock crevices, piles of rocks, thickets, caves, or other protected places