Description : Adults have a thick reddish or gray colored coat and bushy tail, which has black-tipped guard hairs. The tip of the tail is black. The throat and belly are light gray to white. A shoulder saddle of black-tipped hairs is typical. Their ears are erect and pointed and the snout is long. Their eyes are yellow to green.
Geographic Range : Widely distributed throughout the United States, south-central Canada, Mexico, and northern Central America. They are found throughout MN, especially in the southern portions, including the Twin Cities area.
Length : 2.5 to 3.3 ft
Weight : 20 – 40 pounds 
Habitat : Coyotes prefer a combination of farmland and forest habitat, but survive well on prairie lands. Coyotes have also adapted to live near cities.
Typical Diet : They are opportunistic and prey on rodents, birds, large insects, carrion, livestock and deer.
Life Span: 6-8 in the wild
Special Notes :
-Coyotes are most active at night or dusk and dawn.
-Coyotes can achieve speeds of 40 mph for short distances.
-Females come into heat once a year during late January and early March.
-After about 60 days, 2 to 12 pups are born.