Schedule a Wild Wolf Pup Experience!

A wolf pup experience at the Wildlife Science Center is an extremely special opportunity to interact with our hand-raised wolf pups and meet their caretakers. During your 2 hour visit, you will be invited into the outdoor pup enclosure, where the pups eat, play, and sleep. This will allow you to view the pups up close, while making your interaction with them possible. You'll learn what it takes to be a pup nanny by being immersed in their world, while also gaining a new appreciation for wolf biology and behavior.

The pups choose when they want to interact, and for how long. For this reason, we cannot guarantee any amount of physical interaction, but our pup nannies (both human and dog) will work hard to get the pups engaged, making it a truly unforgettable experience. All attendees must be 12 years of age or older, and the experience is best for children that can sit calmly and quietly for the entire two hours. All participants, children included, must be prepared for pups to possibly jump on and scratch them, and be ready to allow pups to potentially chew on clothing and shoelaces. Pup nannies will handle any corrections or redirections that need to occur. Please note that WSC reserves the right to ask any participant to leave without a refund if they act inappropriately, and/or endanger the pups during the experience.

The pups grow fast, and we can only offer a limited number of these experiences for a short time! Don't miss your chance to meet our youngest animal ambassadors. Please email for more information and to book your wolf pup adventure!