Move The Pack Progress

Our fence guys are miracle workers. Jason Christianson and his assistant Jason Barnes have worked tirelessly, rain or shine, to get WSC ready to move! Here they are early on in the process, driving posts.

The first shipment of fencing posts was exciting for everyone!

The backbones of the enclosures, with all of the posts driven in.

An overhead view, before overhangs were completed.

Hard at work, rolling chain-link onto the posts.

The new WSC is coming together! It's an incredible view.

The inside of one future wolf enclosure.

Have you visited WSC for a program before? Our educational tours will be even bigger and better at our new location!

WSC's new raptor mews. We are still looking for someone that can donate their time and/or materials to construct this building for us!

WSC was honored to receive a donation of nearly $80,000 from Chuck and Don's as part of their "Raising Awareness" campaign!

The 2016 wolf pups were quite excited about Chuck and Don's extremely generous donation!