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           The Wildlife Science Center is dedicated to the study, conservation and well-being of wildlife including wolves, bear, cougar and a host of smaller birds and animals.
           We collaborate nationally and internationally with scientists, universities and veterinarians. But our greatest long-term contribution is introducing school students to the wonders and possibilities of wildlife science. As both education and life experience, students literally step into another world--real and inspiring, rather than confined to a small electronic box. The results are real and inspiring as well; through our 25+ year history, a broad range of career decisions began with seeds planted here, and now represent the future generation that will carry on this vital work.
           In 2016 we faced extinction because of a complex land-use dispute. In 2017, an incredible team effort -- some have called it miraculous -- on the part of staff, volunteers and donors (our original Move the Pack campaign) -- moved our entire operation, including over 200 wild animals, to safe haven on our new 150 acre center. The videos here tell the story
           We came close to getting it all done and paid-for, but have a serious need. Our winter educational programs are wide and deep, serving students of every age and background, many disadvantaged. The cold Minnesota winter will arrive soon...and our educational center is not yet prepared for winter. 
           We need finishing construction, heating/electrical, road work, and septic work. (To economize we considered skipping the $20,000 for septic by continuing to use our outhouse system, but "cooler heads" reminded us what the seat can feel like when it's 15 below zero.)
           Your support of this project will let us complete this amazing year with a completed facility, and will make a real difference for our staff and volunteers, but most importantly to the students and educators that we serve.

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