Join The Pack

By donating, you will help provide and care for the maintenance of our resident animals and for the continuation of studies and conservation that will benefit wolves and other wild animals for generations to come. 

$600 (or $50/monthly) - Provides captive space for 1 Red Wolf for one year.
Did you know that there are less than 100 wild Red Wolves in the entire world?  WSC plays an important role in keeping this species from extinction by conducting research and housing several of the remaining captive red wolves on behalf of the reintroduction effort.

$300 (or $30/monthly) - Provides vaccinations for Gray Wolves for one year.
Did you know that wolves are very susceptible to infection by Parvo?  Just like dogs, wolves in captivity need to be vaccinated. WSC gives the best veterinary care possible to all the animals at the facility.

$240 (or $20/monthly) - Feeds a bear for 6 months.
Did you know that bears eat 2,000 pounds of food per year?  WSC has 10 hungry bears that need to eat sufficient amounts of food to survive hibernation each winter. WSC provides the best and most natural diet possible to our bears.

$120 (or $10/monthly) - Saves a Cougar kitten.
Did you know that abandoned cougar kittens have no chance of survival in the wild?  WSC accepts rescue animals throughout the year.  Some are injured, some just orphaned babies, in need of special diets and care. These animals will live at WSC in perpetuity.

$60 (or $5/monthly) - Provides heartworm medicine for wolves for 1 year.
Did you know that wolves get heartworm just like dogs do?  WSC staff gives heartworm medicine to each wolf every month to prevent this deadly disease

$35 (or $3/monthly) - Provides replacement perches for a Red Tail Hawk.
Did you know that raptors are very active in captivity and destroy their perches regularly?  WSC has a vibrant raptor program which gives a home to rescued birds of prey while they recover. Several permanent resident birds travel to schools and other places for demonstrations of how very cool raptors are.

Your donation to the Wildlife Science Center will help fund our ongoing operations in education, research and “Inspiring Relationships with the Wild”. Please print a copy of the receipt for your tax purposes. Your donation IS tax deductible.