Pups with Personality

The pups have grown so much in the past month! At roughly 3 months old, they now live in an adult enclosure, with holes to hide in, logs to climb on, and plenty of foliage to romp through. They're eating a healthy diet of deer, geese, and chickens, with some raw dog food and high quality dry food mixed in for good measure. They spend their days tearing around their habitat, chewing on each other and searching for treasures left behind by the former "tenants." Read on for a more personal introduction for each of the 2016 pups!

Alaina is part of the youngest 2016 litter. Though a week behind the oldest pups, Alaina doesn't let her age slow her down. She's a bold pup that doesn't mind new people and eagerly investigates new things. Alaina is larger than either of her siblings (Cherri and Clay), allowing her to hold her own within the pup pack.


Bane is one of only four boys in the pup pack. He's a goofy guy, and he keeps his caretakers laughing. Bane can be cautious around strangers, but he enthusiastically greets the people he knows with a lot of licking, pawing, and whining. He seems to enjoy a good scratch, and he seeks out his pup nannies pretty regularly. Bane is part of the DC Villains litter. He's named after one of Batman's famous foes.

Banner is named after Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk, to reflect his large stature. He's part of the Marvel Heroes litter. From the first day of hand-raising, he has consistently been much larger than the rest of the 2016 pups. Banner isn't interested in new people, but he has closely bonded with his human pup nannies. He's one of the first to greet them, and he hangs out nearby throughout the day.

Cherri is a spitfire. She's the smallest of the 2016 pups, and one of the youngest.  Cherri has no "off switch" when it comes to food, and she'll fill her belly until it's stretched tight! She's a generalist, and doesn't shy away from interacting with new people, making her a favorite during our popular wolf pup experiences. She's named after Dr. Cheryl Asa, a long-time friend and collaborator with WSC.

Clay is the smallest, youngest male in the pup pack. He's one of the first pups to pop up when food appears. Like Cherri, he will gorge himself until his round belly becomes uncomfortable, and he can often be heard making the soft groans of a very full pup. Clay is another generalist, with no problems investigating new people to grab an extra scratch. He's a star player during our wolf pup experiences.

Courtney is the darkest of all the pups, making her instantly recognizable. She regularly takes control of any food being offered, and is sure to grab some of the most coveted bites. Courtney is a bold pup, and she'll eagerly check out new people if she's being bribed with food. She's extremely photogenic, becoming a favorite muse of many visiting photographers.

Ezra was named by the youngest participant of our very first pup experience. Though similar in features, she's not as dark as Courtney, and remains a bit more cautious around people. She seeks interaction with her caretakers on occasion, but seems just as happy to lay in the shade on her own or start a play session with another pup.


Harley is rather blonde, being one of the lightest colored pups. She resembles her brother, Bane, in color, size, and disposition, sometimes requiring a double-take! She's a silly girl, wiggling around and making soft pup whines. Harley seeks out her caretakers, but tends to be more reserved around those she doesn't know. As part of the DC Villains litter, she's named after Harley Quinn.

Ivy has a distinctive look, making her as photogenic as her namesake, Poison Ivy. She's part of the DC Villains litter. Ivy has grown from being a shyer pup to one that seeks out interactions, making her development a truly enjoyable one to witness. Ivy is determined, and will work at whatever she wants until she has it. She's also the instigator behind many pup play sessions and jaw spars!

Marlin is the most reserved of the 2016 pups. He will eat, rest, and play near people, but he's not interested in human interaction. Fortunately, Marlin is highly food-motivated, aiding his caretakers in any necessary handling. Marlin adores Oliver, a German shepherd that serves as one of his canine pup nannies. He follows Oliver relentlessly, and they make a very darling pair.

Renner is part of the Marvel Heroes litter. She's named after Jeremy Renner, the actor that plays "Hawkeye" in the Avengers movies. She keeps her distance from strangers, but gives some of the most lavish greetings to those she knows. With her caretakers, she's a goof-ball, endlessly wiggling on her back. Her tongue often hangs out of her mouth, giving her a happy-go-lucky appearance.

Selina is a quieter pup, and she enjoys spending subdued moments with her caretakers. Part of the DC Villains litter, she's named after Selina Kyle, the alter-ego of "Cat Woman." Selina actively follows around other pups as they explore, and she's quick to join in on a round of play. She's also one of the most enthusiastic howlers in the group.


Scarlett is eager to investigate new things. She's part of the Marvel Heroes litter. Her namesake, Scarlett Johansson, plays "Black Widow" in the Avengers movies. Scarlett is just as content hanging with her caretakers as she is playing with her siblings, and she's very good at keeping herself busy. She's sneaky, and can often be caught stealing play-things from other pups.

Skye shares many similarities with her sister, Scarlett. She's slightly darker, and has a few subtle facial markings that set her apart. Skye is part of the Marvel Heroes litter, named after "Quake" in Marvel's Agent's of Shield. She bravely confronts new situations, but hangs back when new people are around.  Skye seems to like a good scratch, and is often found napping out in the sun. 

Talia, like Ivy, went through a shy phase that she is just now overcoming. Though still hesitant, Talia has begun seeking out her caretakers and asking for more contact. It's been an extremely exciting development! Talia is named after Talia al Ghul, a nemesis of Batman's. She's part of the DC Villains litter. Talia has rounder eyes than her siblings, giving her a bit of a bewildered appearance. 


For just a few more weeks, you can meet the pups yourself! Wolf Pup Experiences will only be available until August 24th. Don't miss your chance to visit with these incredible wolf ambassadors!

All photos taken by Evan Whitby during our recent Wolf Pup Photography Workshop. Thank you Evan!