The Great Outdoors

The oldest pups are now 1-1/2 months old, and their daily routine has changed dramatically! Gone are the days of rolling around in their puppy pen and being bottle fed. The pups now have an entire room all their own, and are being fed three large meals a day. Their typical diet includes a mixture of high-quality dry dog food, raw dog food, and ground venison to ensure that they get all of the nutrients they need. Topped off with water, it turns into a delicious mush that the pups eagerly devour. 

The pups finally have all of their baby teeth, and they've become active chewers! Anything they can get their mouths around is fair game. Walls, bowls, buckets, siblings, and pup nannies have all been victims. To satiate the chewing, we've begun offering larger items for them to gnaw on. Elk antlers and beef bones have been a hit, but deer legs are their clear favorite. Even though the legs are provided on top of their regular diet, the pups happily pick them clean. It's amazing to see how efficient they are at such a young age. 

Another event in the pups lives has been spending time outside! Several of our packs are rearing their own pups, and we were waiting to introduce ours to the great outdoors until those pups began venturing outside the den on their own. All pups at WSC (hand-raised and not) are now enjoying some sunshine, and we are giving our charges as much supervised time outdoors as possible. They love running, digging, and chewing on vegetation. A little sprinkle of rain doesn't even slow them down!

Sean is a wonderful pup nanny. Cleaning the pups and keeping them busy are just a few of his many talents!

Sean is a wonderful pup nanny. Cleaning the pups and keeping them busy are just a few of his many talents!

Canine pup nannies Sean and Oliver have been instrumental in keeping outside time fun for the pups. At this age, they are extremely cautious, and the presence of dogs softens the blow of scary noises like planes flying over or volunteers filling water buckets. In the wild, this is critical for survival. Having adult dogs stay calm in the face of something scary reassures the pups and puts them at ease. The pups have a small outdoor run for now, and still spend their nights inside. At this age, even too much space can frighten the pups.  When they're a little older, they'll be introduced to a large yard with even more room to run and play!