Wide Open Space

The wolf pups are finally taking advantage of the big pup yard! At two months old, they now have access to their indoor area, the shady alley that had served as their outdoor space previously, and a larger outdoor area. While they always have access to the indoors, they don't choose to spend much time there. Unless there are thunderstorms, the pups are typically outside. This is consistent with what we're seeing in our packs that our raising their own pups this summer. The pups are spending less time in the den, and more time exploring.

The pups were scared when we first allowed them into this large space. They had never been able to spread out so far from each other before, and not being able to see everything around them can be frightening. We used all of our canine pup nannies to put the little ones at ease. Once the dogs started romping about, the pups gained enough confidence to start exploring their new space. They quickly became big fans of the large, varied habitat! We are still bringing the pups in at night, but each morning they are camped out at the gate into the pup yard, ready to spend their day running, wrestling, and sleeping.

The pup yard has three distinct areas. The front of the yard is open with some tall grasses. There are a few dog houses for shade, but the pups primarily use this area to run and play. The center of the yard is thick with mulberry, providing shelter from the hot sun and from light rain. This is where the pups primarily take their naps. It's also their favorite place to settle down and chew on bones or branches! Finally, the back of the yard is wetter, with a small patch of mud. Naturally, the pups love to dig and get dirty there! This is also where we keep the pup pool. At first, the pups seemed to think the pool was a giant water dish, but pup nanny Sean is a big fan of pools, and after he took a couple of splashy dips in it, they enthusiastically jumped in. Whatever "dad" is doing must be good for pups too! They are thriving in this new environment, and that has allowed for many adorable moments. Make sure you're following our Facebook page to see videos of all the action in the big pup yard!