The Wildlife Science Center is responding responsibly to an irresponsible time-frame with the "Move the Pack" campaign, and your support is critical in this first phase. WSC is unique in creating a dynamic exchange between scientists and students that fosters deep, life-long learning. You can help build a new Wildlife Science Center, creating a bigger and brighter future for our animals and expanding the reach of our experiential education opportunities. We need your help now to launch the "Move the Pack" campaign off of DNR land and into the future. The creation of WSC was inspired by the need to save lives; 25 years later, we again face that challenge, and the animals are depending on you to make a donation now. Your generous financial contribution ensures that WSC remains a life-long home to orphaned, injured, and abused wildlife, giving them the opportunity to educate and inspire a whole new generation. You can build their future. Donate today and make a difference!

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